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Installation and Customization

Installing IC-CAP on PC and UNIX systems. Includes step-by-step installation and configuration procedures, troubleshooting, and background information on the license manager software.

User's Guide

Creating models, macros, and graphic user interfaces, making measurements, and using transforms and functions. Includes information on simulating, optimizing, programming, managing data, printing and plotting.

Nonlinear Device Models, Volume 1

Characterization for the following models: UCB bipolar transistor, UCB MOSFET, BSIM3v3, BSIM4, UCB GaAs MESFET, Curtice GaAs MESFET, and MOS Model 9. In addition, using circuit modeling and the 1/f noise extraction toolkit.

Nonlinear Device Models, Volume 2

Using the following models: Agilent Root FET, High-Frequency FET (Curtice), High-Frequency BJT (Gummel-Poon), Agilent Root MOSFET, Agilent Root Diode, Agilent EEFET3/EEHEMT1, Agilent EEBJT2, Mextram, and VBIC. In addition, using IC-CAP with microwave and RF parameter extraction test systems.


Supported instruments, drivers, simulators, IC-CAP functions, Parameter Extraction Language (PEL), variables, and file structure.

Statistical Analysis

Using the IC-CAP Statistics package. Includes information on data analysis, data visualization, and file formats.

Data Display

Using the plotting, processing, and annotation features available for analyzing data.


Using the measurement functions to build expressions that process simulation results or the contents of a dataset. Includes general information on the structure and use of equations, along with an extensive function reference.

Release Notes

Known defects and workarounds, including errors and omissions in the documentation.

IC-CAP Modeling Reference

Measurement, modeling, and simulation of electronic components and circuits. ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE DOCUMENTATION WEBSITE.


Global Search of all IC-CAP documentation.

Print Version of IC-CAP Documentation

Links to PDF files for all IC-CAP documentation.

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